The original

Godfather OG

Smoky, savory, beefy. Our OG Beef Jerky: satisfying every palate. Classic taste, no compromise. Always authentic, always original.

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Defiantly Bold

Gran-Daddy Peppa

Black pepper rocks with any grub you throw its way. It's the outlaw of Western cuisine, a staple that refuses to conform. Our GDP Jerky takes you on a wild ride with a smoky black pepper kick in every bite.

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Fire & Sweet

Heavenly Hellfire

A skater annihilating a 5-level stair set is nothing compared to the thrill packed into this sweet and spicy jerky. Each bite catapults you into a realm of flavor that'll have you howling come snack time.

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Sweet & Salty

Pineapple Express

If you're in the know about beef jerky, you damn well know about Pineapple Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Give it a shot and let your taste buds go berserk. Keep that wild side alive – feed it some hardcore meat.

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Tear Into Your Taste Buds

Ripped Jerky, the munchie masterpiece for those seeking a flavor high. Packed with enough protein to make your muscles flex. Ripped is the go-to snack to elevate any moment. When the munchies hit, don't settle for the ordinary because life's too short for boring snacks.