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Heavenly Hellfire

Heavenly Hellfire

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Heavenly Hellfire | Sweet & Spicy

Crush those cravings with our timeless classic – Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky. We're talking a killer combo of brown sugar, fiery red chili peppers, and a secret blend of bold flavors all over our lean beef.These mouthwatering meat strips are made from 100% grass-fed beef, slow-smoked to the perfection you've come to expect from Ripped Jerky. Get ready for a devilishly daring snacking experience that'll have you tearing up your tastebuds in the most epic way.

Pure 100% beef mayhem! 8g of protein, just 90 calories per serving – this snack's a protein-packed powerhouse Prime cuts of beef marinated in our signature blend, slow-cooked over the real deal – hardwood smoke Ready to rock any snacking occasion, 'cause flavor waits for no one!

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