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Gran-Daddy Peppa 10 Pack Case

Gran-Daddy Peppa 10 Pack Case

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Gran-Daddy Peppa | 10-Pack Case

Hit the pepper wave with our Grand-Daddy Pepper Beef Jerky, all in a 10 count case for the best snack sessions. Perfect when you're on the move or looking to up your protein game. It's bold, it's peppery, and it's made for those who dare. With 10 bags of awesome taste in every case, your snacks just got upgraded. Power up your day with a kick!

Grab our 10 pack of Gran-Daddy Peppa beef jerky for just
$89.99, with free shipping. It's like getting a $100 value for less. Load up on your favorite snack and save some cash. Once you taste Gran-Daddy Peppa's unique flavor, you'll want more. It's the ideal protein boost for your active days. Stock up and save big!

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