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Pineapple Express 10 Pack Case

Pineapple Express 10 Pack Case

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Pineapple Express | 10-Pack Case

Hop on the Pineapple Express with our Pineapple Express Beef Jerky, jam-packed in a 10 count case for that killer munch. Ideal for snacking while cruising or pumping up your protein. It's got that sweet, bold flavor that's not for the faint of heart. Each case drops 10 bags of pure taste adventure. Fuel your ride with some serious flavor!

Get a huge deal on our Pineapple Express beef jerky 10 pack for only
Only $89.99, with free shipping. You're getting a $100 value for less! Perfect for snacking, this jerky saves you money for other things. You'll love the sweet pineapple teriyaki flavor, great for a protein boost on active days. Stock up and save more!

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